Elevate Therapist

Features and Functions

Client Data Access

Once a client grant permission therapists can view all of the client data through the therapist app just as it appears on the client app, but without the ability to modify any client data. Having access to client data eliminate the need for clients to print or submit documents of their tasks. Therapists can provide direct feedback to certain tasks within the app so that clients can view it through their app. For more information on Elevate Client functions please click here.

Customize Diary Card

Therapists can customize the diary card to meet the needs of each individual client. These customizations cannot be change by clients and will appear on every diary card from the time of the customization. Diary cards prior to the time of the customizations will not be affected.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments can be created and assign to clients. The status and feedback to client assignments are then manage through the app. A record of all assignments are kept for later references.

Assignment Templates

Because assignments are typically reused in therapy sessions we've made it easier to create assignments through the use of templates. This reduce repetition and work that a therapist have to perform. Therapists simply select the assignment template that they've already created and generate assignments based on the selected template.

Perceived Stress Scale

Providing therapy can be very stressful to therapists. To help therapists assess their stress level Elevate provides the PSS function. Therapists can keep track of their PSS score over time.

Export to PDF

In compliance with HIPPA Elevate places a user and an owner password on the exported PDF. These password can be set in the Settings within the app.

Sync Data To Cloud Servers

We've created eCare as a cloud service to facilitate the communication between clients and therapists, and to provide a mean for our app users to save and store their private data. With our eCare cloud service you don't have to worry about loosing any data within our apps. All data are sync automatically with our servers. Should you loose your device or moved to another device you can get all your data restored to what it was previously. For more information about privacy and security within our apps and our eCare cloud service please review our privacy and security sections below.


All data from our app users are private. They are owned by our users. We are only custodians of the data. And in that role we make sure our users' data are safe and secure. All data stored on our servers are encrypted the second they arrive at our servers. We do not disseminate any piece of data from our users to anyone without permission from our users. Our users have complete control over their data. If clients give permission for therapists to view their clinical data then our server will send it to those therapists only. We do not permit clients to share data with one another.

We take every precautions to keep our users' data private. This is illustrated in our app when users export their data to PDF, a password is required to open the PDF file, and when clients grant therapists permission to view their data. Also, the database employed by our apps is encrypted on the user's device. Nothing is exposed to prying eyes.


Security in our apps begin with the password to the app. To ensure all data in our apps are secure we encrypt the entire database of the app. This is a one way encryption. There is no way of decrypting the database without the password and no way of retrieving the data if you forgot your password. We implemented this on purpose to ensure that there is no possible way of hacking the database that contain your personal information.

To prevent any possible attempt to retrieve data through our apps we've employed SSL throughout the communication line between our apps and our eCare cloud servers. SSL is the industry standard protocol used by companies that does business over the internet, including banks. Once your data arrived at our eCare servers it is immediately encrypted before storing on our servers. Our eCare servers are protected and constantly monitored by our service provider. Furthermore all our servers are protected by firewalls. With several layers of security in place you can be sure that your data is secure in our apps and on our servers.