Elevate your DBT
Erimai Elevate™ Benefits
  • Customizable diary card by client
  • Therapist can control and customize client diary card
  • Therapist can securely view client diary cards via Erimai eCare™ cloud service
  • Daily reminder to client to complete diary card
  • Full database encryption on mobile device for security
  • Auto logout of app to protect personal information
  • Cloud service secured with industry standard TLS/SSL
  • Auto sync diary cards with Erimai eCare™ secure cloud service
  • Prevention of data loss with use of cloud service
  • Cloud database encryption of client sensitive data
  • Data analysis and summary reports*
  • DBT chain analysis*
  • Send messages between clients and therapists*
  • Therapist can subscribe and be notified of particular client events*
  • Therapist can assign exercises to client*
  • Track and report on client completion of assigned exercises*
  • HIPPA compliant
* Available in next release
Elevate™ In Action


For videos on how to use Elevate™ please see here
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