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Client Therapist Communication

Clients can share their data with their therapists and receive feedback from therapists through the app. Therapists can view clients data, provide feedback, customize diary card for individual client, assign homework and keep track of assignments. Communication between a client and therapist is private and secure.

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Dynamic Diary Card

Client can customize the daily diary card to their specific needs. Therapist can customize the daily diary card for a client such that the client cannot modify those specific items in the diary card and these items will always appear in the client's diary card.

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Behavior Chain Analysis

Analysis of a behavior is made simple with our behavior chain analysis tool. Therapists can then simply view the links of a chain and provide feedback of each link to the client through the app. Behavior chain analysis provides a mean for client-therapist interactions.

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Homework is an important aspect of therapy. Our app makes it easy to assign homework to individual client or group of clients and provide feedback to each client if needed. Therapists have complete management of assignments through our app. We take care of all the tedious work of tracking assignments assigned to clients.

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Cloud Storage

All clients and therapists that employed our eCare cloud service can rest assured that their data is safe. Regardless of what happened to their device or wherever they are they have complete access to their data at all time. Our eCare cloud service provides the communication bridge between clients and therapists.

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We guarantee that all your data are encrypted and secure. Only the owner of the data (you) have access to the data. Your data are in encrypted form while it remain on our servers. We implement industry standard secure protocols for all communications between our apps and our eCare cloud service. Using our apps is as safe as banking online.

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Elevate for Clients

Flexible and easy to use. Elevate contain a multitude of clinical functions aim specifically at DBT. These functions includes customizable diary card, behavior chain analysis, cost-benefit analysis, emotions analysis, judgemental thoughts, mindfulness practice, suicide urge management, homework, and many other functions. With our eCare cloud service clients will be able to interact and share data with their therapist and receive feedback from them.

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Elevate for Therapists

The companion to the client app. Elevate for Therapists allows therapists to perform routine functions such as review diary cards, assign homework and give feedback to specific tasks that clients perform through their app. Also therapists will be able to view all information that a client generated through their Elevate for Clients app.

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  • Communicate with your clients
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  • Unlimited data sync with eCare
  • Data backup and restore
  • Export journals to PDF
  • Access to homework assignments
  • Many other features and functions
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